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A lot of people have been asking for permission to use parts of my stories from my current ongoing DP Season 4 profiles for their own stories. I told them even if they did give me credit, I rather they DON'T do it, if not because I feel insecure and protective of my own crap (Plus I rather encourage them to be inspired by others and make their own). I worked hard on these stories and I plan to potentially make story fanfics or summaries on how it'll go and well, my stories/art/whatever are like my babies to me, minus the drooling and excessive pooping.

Am I being selfish or what? I don't mean to be, but am I? Is this good or bad or what?
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The first Shrek was a good film: Shrek was a complicated soul with an awesome personality, Fiona kicked feminine ass without being preachy about it, and Donkey…well, Donkey’s still annoying, but you can’t win ‘em all. The point was, their beautiful characterization and interactions made the movie all the more believable for me, so much that I could see Shrek and Fiona’s love by the end as well as Donkey’s loyal friendship to both. The second took things to a bigger extreme as is expected of most sequels and while again, the plot was solid, it didn’t have the emotional nor humorous depths the first one did. Something is wrong when I have to fake laugh throughout various scenes in the theaters because everyone else did.

I came to Shrek 3 with reluctance, but with a sense of eagerness. The Shrek franchise as a whole isn’t bad, but I was thrown off when Dreamworks announced they’d make a Shrek 4 and a possible Shrek 5 way back, something I view as overkill, but I would--could let it slide if they were brilliant or at least held good expectations in my eyes. Well…in the case of the third movie, it’s hit-and-miss...

Ye olde Spoilers )
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God, this cartoon was my childhood.
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Taken from Tav. I think we do four characters, but I wanna do five. Suppose to be OC, but I don't have any OC that doesn't stem from taking official characters and putting them in different situations, so I'm gonna do Rufus Shinra (my Project Squaresoft fanfic), Chess Piece Danny (fancomic), Angel Phantom (DP fanverse of mines), and Angel Phantom!Vlad (same), and Jak (My Blue Curtain Trilogy).

This be a long read. )
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Took from Scribe.

"Are you a book lover? A TV freak? A movie aficionado? Put your mind to the test, and list some of your favorite fictional characters - one for each letter of the alphabet."

A - Amaterasu (Okami)
B - Batman/Bruce Wayne (Comics, TVs, books, lunch boxes, condoms, whatever)
C - Crash Bandicoot (Crash Series)
D - Danny Fenton/Phantom (Danny Phantom)
E - Eve (Parasite Eve)
F - Freakazoid! (Same name as show title)
G - Garnet the 17th (FF9)
H - Hiro Nakamura (Heroes)
I - IIIIII don't have one for "I", so I'll cheat and say Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons), hey, this sentence started with an "I", good enough, leave me alone.
J - Jackie Chan (Craploads of movies and a cartoon)
K - Kyle (South Park)
L - Luigi (Mario Series)
M - Mulan (Disney movie of the same name)
N - Neo Cortex (Crash Series)
O - Ofelia (Pan's Labyrinth)
P - Penelope Pitstop (Wacky Racers and her own show with the seven mob midgets)
Q - Quentin Tarantino (He cameoed in a couple of his own flicks)
R - Rika (Digimon Tamers)
S - Shad (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
T - Trini, the Yellow Ranger (Power Rangers)
U - Umbridge, Dolores (Harry Potter--the woman I love to hate)
V - Vlad Masters/Plasmius (Danny Phantom)...oh, come on, of course I'd put him here!
W - Wilbur (Charlotte's Web)
X - Xena (Warrior Princess)
Y - Yakko (Animaniacs)
Z - Zedd, Lord (Power Rangers)
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When I went to my local supermarket with my sis, I stumbled upon the latest Disney Adventures. I read this mag a lot as a child and stopped by the time I was about 14--if not because I outgrew 'em and because the contents of today's Disney mag is not even close to the superior older days of the magazine's life time. Any who, I was looking at one of their articles of upcoming kid's film and what do I spot? A live-action Underdog flick. Granted, I'm not a huge fan of the cartoon, but still, a live action Underdog flick? Excuse me while my cynical side blows up bigger then a balloon at an amusement park. I swear if Hollywood makes a live-action Woody Woodpecker movie, I'm outta here (Either way, I hate that bird).

Oh, that said, can anyone here help me find a pic of Midna's true form (head to toe shot) from Zelda: Twilight Princess?
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Shipping meme I got from Scribe. Enjoy.

Six Ships I Love:
1) Vlad/Danny(Danny Phantom)
2) Skulker/Sam (Danny Phantom)
3) Jack/Kimiko (Xiaolin Showdown)
4) Luke/Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)
5) Knuckles/Amy (Sonic Series)
6) Jak/Coco (Jak and Crash series respectfully)

Three Ships I Liked, But Don't Anymore:
7) Sonic/Sally (SATam/Archie Sonic--I just don't care for it anymore)
8) Claire/Peter (Heroes--well, they're uncle and niece respectfully as of like 10 episodes since the beginning, so can't pair them up anymore)
9) Cloud/Tifa (FF7 - Honestly, the guy is better off alone at this point)

Three Ships I Don't Like:
10) Tawna/Pinstripe (Crash series)
11) Raimundo/Kimiko (Xiaolin Showdow--Ugh, not a fan)
12) Rory/Logan (I HATE you: Logan, HATE!)

Two Ships I Am Curious About, But Don't Actually Ship:
13) Coco/N. Gin (I'm just curious why these two are such a hot topic over at the Crash fandom, to me, I don't see the chemistry)
14) Amaterasu/Oki (Okami--seriously, I see no chemistry between the two either)

Now the questions assiocate with these pairings above. )
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*SPOiLER WARNiNG: Seriously, if you guys haven't seen this episode or have not seen Season 3 of DP, I advise you to move along, not unless you wanna be spoiled. This review will eventually be my website and is in my DA journal as well.

That said, enjoy my review for "Torrent of Terror".

It's decent, but merged with a stupid 1960's cartoon plot. )
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Got from Tav.

Ask any of my characters a question and I'll reply in-character as them with an answer. Feel free to ask them ANYTHING, regardless whether you know them or not.

Feel free to ask multiple characters multiple questions.

I guess my closest characters would be Chess Piece. *shrugs*
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Posting this latest music video I made because I spent a lot of hardwork on it and would love some feedback:

DP - Hoppipolla
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Chess Piece fans wanna help me on something? I'm trying to think of theme songs and musical whatevers if CP ever had an Official soundtrack dealie. It's mostly for fun, although maybe in the future, I'll make a CD out of it for myself. Any who, just need some help on song and music selections that best fits the characters or themes or setting or whatever. Care to lend a hand and help out an ol' gal?

Once More, with Feeling )
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Fic Trade for Scribe. Also an excuse to write how CP Danny met CP GhostWriter. Might continue this and show how the two develop. Sorry it took forever to do this, Scribe.

Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love! )
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Okay, listen up Invader Zim fans or does familiar with the show. I could use some help. Namely I need to know just about EVERYTHING there is know about Irkens. What they are, how they're born, their culture, whatever. I also would like it if I can have screenshots of their spaceships and the general species in whole.

Why the sudden IZ interest? For the hopes of one day doing a potential one-shot Chess Piece that takes place ten years from the original CP (so it'll be 1936). I wanna create a scf-fi-ish story dealing with a War of the World-ish sorta invasion and the Irkens are absolutely perfect to use.

So any help is appreciated.

Oh, and I recently borrowed "Twilight Princess" from a friend. Just finished the Forest Temple.
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My thoughts. MAJOR SPOiLERS.

An old friend, no...You? Yes... )
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Opinions on how I currently feel for these episodes. Will write better review (for website) in time, for now, just these:

Frightmare: Kevin Sullivan is getting better, I admit. I've gotten to the point where the majority of Season 3 is gonna be filled with pointless fillers, so I'm just gonna have to take a big sigh and accept that and merely judge on how good each episode is. This one? Generally okay. Aside from more Danny/Sam shovement (which I think I'm just gonna have to take for granted at this point) and Nocturne being yet another range of one-dimensional Season 3 baddies, the episode was generally solid. Good action and visuals, I am SO loving Frightmare's designs--the stars on his body is massive love. Tucker also played a bit more of a useful role, yay techno geek.

Shame we never see Vlad's dream. Imagine the foreshadowing for the latter episodes from that.

Claw of the Wild: Finally saw an English version and it turned surprisngly better then I thought. Pushing the Danny/Sam away, the only other major problem is merely Tucker or the lack of. Poor guy keeps getting shoved to the point where he's like a third wheel. *frowns* Wulf's return is major good and Walker is just as devious and determined as ever. I was also surprised at the amount of good/clever dialogues sprinkled throughout this episode. Obviously, Kevin's been having a good day or something.

D-Stabilized: A new writer takes over this episode. Her first try is certainly more solid then Kevin's (Ugh, "Girls' Night Out"). Generally solid, it's just...everything went too fast. Not rushed with too much squeezed into it fast, just too fast. I felt like I was fast fowarding the entire episode. Oh, and yes, this IS the inevitable return of Dani and YES--she is alive. For a minite, I hoped she had died, but GAWD, she didn't. Fortunately we're not getting some corny Danny and Dani Batman/Robin partnership. She's leaving to do her own brand of good, so it's nice to know she won't muck up the screen anymore then she needs to. Oh, yeah, and while she hasn't been that annoying, she hasn't done anything to warrant me to like her. Sorry, Dani, I said I'd give you a second chance should you return, you didn't impress me, I still dislike you. At least there's no potential storylines between Vlad and Dani father/daughter. I STILL rather know about Danny/Vlad and their relationship, thank you very much.

The best part of this episode: THE. RETURN. OF. FECKIN. VALERIE! OH. MY. GOD! This was LOOOOOOOOONG overdue. Valerie played the part she plays best: Aggressive bitchy hunter who cares for her father (small, but touching sceen). Only bad part: No mention of any romantic bond between her and Danny. Granted, he was Phantom the whole time with her, but no hints from his side? I suppose it's clear he has Sam on his brains at that point, but I did have wishes he'd acknowledge that to Valerie, even if there's already so much going on.

Unfortunately does not have the emotion depth as "Kindred Spirits". Speaking of, that scene when Danny is sad for Dani's dissolvement at one point...I am not convinced. DP has done some wonderful emotional responses throughout, how the HELL can it be THAT hard to make Danny actually look and SOUND sad? It didn't work in "Torrent of Terror", it didn't work here. It worked in "The Ultimate Enemy". *grumbles* And is it just me or do the voice acting feels off? I think it's due to that fast forward-ish feel, but almost everyone was SO iffy.
neoyi: (Default) an idiot. Just something I doodled while watching some Mayor Adam West Family Guy clips on youtube.

Why are so many cartoon policial figures insane or stupid? )
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Well, I'm sure at this point every single dosh durn DP fan has seen this trailer for the series finale of DP:

I figured I make a lj journal and basically express how I'm reacting. Long story short, it has promise, the flash, but does it have substance? No doubt Season 3 to me is clearly in a big rump with either average episodes to downright bad ones with very little of the characters growth and sentimentally I learned to love in DP.

From what I can make out, it seems Danny has to stop Vlad and what appears to be his giant...satalliate. It has a "V" sign on it, so I assume he's the cause of all this, unless there's something more. Whatever the case is, Hartman, I hope you can dazzle me since I don't raise my expectations high.

.....But Space Vlad is SEX.
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From Scribe...

1)Write down fifteen ships of yours.

2) Invent a godawful shipname for them. It can be anything from an opaque melding to a bizzare abstract concept, but it must sound vaguely genuine.

3) See if your friends can guess what the ships are and why.

4) If you're doing multiple fandoms, clarify which ship's from which fandom to avoid confusing the list.

1. Opposite Similar Duo: Vlad/Danny (DP) (Guess by Scribe)
2. Galaxy-Crossed Lovers: Jak/Coco (Jak and Crash Bandicoot franchise) (Guessed by Scribe)
3. Insanity Writer: Phantom/GhostWriter (DP) (Guessed by Scribe….too)
4. Guardian Heart: Knuckles/Amy Rose (Sonic) (No one guessed it)
5. Sharing Papau Fruits: Sora/Kairi (KH) (Scribe guessed it--she’s good at this game, no?)
6. Black Kindness, White Sweet: Vivi/Yuna……don’t ask, long story, mostly fan work (FF series) (Guessed by…who else?)
7. Two pairs of Shyness: Luigi/Daisy (Mario) (Guessed by Scribe, is there an echo here?)
8. Moody Hunter: Skulker/Sam (DP) (Ya know, why even bother, you know guessed it)
9. Heroes work better in two: Joe/Sylvia (Viewtiful Joe) (I thought this one was obvious, but I guess no one here but me played Viewtiful Joe)
10. West meets East: Enrique/Moegi (Skies of Arcadia) (No one--this game is a bit obscure, I guess)
11. Difference brings them closer: Terry/Dana (Batman Beyond) (No One)
12. Magical Moon: Sakura/Yukito (Cardcaptor Sakura) (No one)
13. So Carefree, yet so confused: Setzer/Terra (FFVI) Scribe…again)
14. Pathetic Warrior: Fry/Leela (Futurama) (Who do you think?)
15. Fishing is a Girl's Best Friend: Big/Rouge --no, not joking with this pairing, I actually like it (Sonic) (No one)
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I'll make better review once I have access to the English version hopefully in the near future, but other then Tucker getting left out AGAIN and the Danny/Sam they KEEP spoon-feeding us, the episode seems decent. I don't see it close to super special awesome good, but it does seem to have a solid plot (keep in mind I don't know spanish, so I'm going by what I've seen and generally understood--which, by the way, isn't hard to figure out). Wulf thankfully returns, he's been LONG overdue. No Valerie yet. Where the HELL IS SHE?
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