May. 15th, 2007

neoyi: (Knight Baby)
Took from Scribe.

"Are you a book lover? A TV freak? A movie aficionado? Put your mind to the test, and list some of your favorite fictional characters - one for each letter of the alphabet."

A - Amaterasu (Okami)
B - Batman/Bruce Wayne (Comics, TVs, books, lunch boxes, condoms, whatever)
C - Crash Bandicoot (Crash Series)
D - Danny Fenton/Phantom (Danny Phantom)
E - Eve (Parasite Eve)
F - Freakazoid! (Same name as show title)
G - Garnet the 17th (FF9)
H - Hiro Nakamura (Heroes)
I - IIIIII don't have one for "I", so I'll cheat and say Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons), hey, this sentence started with an "I", good enough, leave me alone.
J - Jackie Chan (Craploads of movies and a cartoon)
K - Kyle (South Park)
L - Luigi (Mario Series)
M - Mulan (Disney movie of the same name)
N - Neo Cortex (Crash Series)
O - Ofelia (Pan's Labyrinth)
P - Penelope Pitstop (Wacky Racers and her own show with the seven mob midgets)
Q - Quentin Tarantino (He cameoed in a couple of his own flicks)
R - Rika (Digimon Tamers)
S - Shad (Zelda: Twilight Princess)
T - Trini, the Yellow Ranger (Power Rangers)
U - Umbridge, Dolores (Harry Potter--the woman I love to hate)
V - Vlad Masters/Plasmius (Danny Phantom)...oh, come on, of course I'd put him here!
W - Wilbur (Charlotte's Web)
X - Xena (Warrior Princess)
Y - Yakko (Animaniacs)
Z - Zedd, Lord (Power Rangers)

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