Apr. 14th, 2007

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Opinions on how I currently feel for these episodes. Will write better review (for website) in time, for now, just these:

Frightmare: Kevin Sullivan is getting better, I admit. I've gotten to the point where the majority of Season 3 is gonna be filled with pointless fillers, so I'm just gonna have to take a big sigh and accept that and merely judge on how good each episode is. This one? Generally okay. Aside from more Danny/Sam shovement (which I think I'm just gonna have to take for granted at this point) and Nocturne being yet another range of one-dimensional Season 3 baddies, the episode was generally solid. Good action and visuals, I am SO loving Frightmare's designs--the stars on his body is massive love. Tucker also played a bit more of a useful role, yay techno geek.

Shame we never see Vlad's dream. Imagine the foreshadowing for the latter episodes from that.

Claw of the Wild: Finally saw an English version and it turned surprisngly better then I thought. Pushing the Danny/Sam away, the only other major problem is merely Tucker or the lack of. Poor guy keeps getting shoved to the point where he's like a third wheel. *frowns* Wulf's return is major good and Walker is just as devious and determined as ever. I was also surprised at the amount of good/clever dialogues sprinkled throughout this episode. Obviously, Kevin's been having a good day or something.

D-Stabilized: A new writer takes over this episode. Her first try is certainly more solid then Kevin's (Ugh, "Girls' Night Out"). Generally solid, it's just...everything went too fast. Not rushed with too much squeezed into it fast, just too fast. I felt like I was fast fowarding the entire episode. Oh, and yes, this IS the inevitable return of Dani and YES--she is alive. For a minite, I hoped she had died, but GAWD, she didn't. Fortunately we're not getting some corny Danny and Dani Batman/Robin partnership. She's leaving to do her own brand of good, so it's nice to know she won't muck up the screen anymore then she needs to. Oh, yeah, and while she hasn't been that annoying, she hasn't done anything to warrant me to like her. Sorry, Dani, I said I'd give you a second chance should you return, you didn't impress me, I still dislike you. At least there's no potential storylines between Vlad and Dani father/daughter. I STILL rather know about Danny/Vlad and their relationship, thank you very much.

The best part of this episode: THE. RETURN. OF. FECKIN. VALERIE! OH. MY. GOD! This was LOOOOOOOOONG overdue. Valerie played the part she plays best: Aggressive bitchy hunter who cares for her father (small, but touching sceen). Only bad part: No mention of any romantic bond between her and Danny. Granted, he was Phantom the whole time with her, but no hints from his side? I suppose it's clear he has Sam on his brains at that point, but I did have wishes he'd acknowledge that to Valerie, even if there's already so much going on.

Unfortunately does not have the emotion depth as "Kindred Spirits". Speaking of, that scene when Danny is sad for Dani's dissolvement at one point...I am not convinced. DP has done some wonderful emotional responses throughout, how the HELL can it be THAT hard to make Danny actually look and SOUND sad? It didn't work in "Torrent of Terror", it didn't work here. It worked in "The Ultimate Enemy". *grumbles* And is it just me or do the voice acting feels off? I think it's due to that fast forward-ish feel, but almost everyone was SO iffy.

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