Apr. 8th, 2007

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From Scribe...

1)Write down fifteen ships of yours.

2) Invent a godawful shipname for them. It can be anything from an opaque melding to a bizzare abstract concept, but it must sound vaguely genuine.

3) See if your friends can guess what the ships are and why.

4) If you're doing multiple fandoms, clarify which ship's from which fandom to avoid confusing the list.

1. Opposite Similar Duo: Vlad/Danny (DP) (Guess by Scribe)
2. Galaxy-Crossed Lovers: Jak/Coco (Jak and Crash Bandicoot franchise) (Guessed by Scribe)
3. Insanity Writer: Phantom/GhostWriter (DP) (Guessed by Scribe….too)
4. Guardian Heart: Knuckles/Amy Rose (Sonic) (No one guessed it)
5. Sharing Papau Fruits: Sora/Kairi (KH) (Scribe guessed it--she’s good at this game, no?)
6. Black Kindness, White Sweet: Vivi/Yuna……don’t ask, long story, mostly fan work (FF series) (Guessed by…who else?)
7. Two pairs of Shyness: Luigi/Daisy (Mario) (Guessed by Scribe, is there an echo here?)
8. Moody Hunter: Skulker/Sam (DP) (Ya know, why even bother, you know guessed it)
9. Heroes work better in two: Joe/Sylvia (Viewtiful Joe) (I thought this one was obvious, but I guess no one here but me played Viewtiful Joe)
10. West meets East: Enrique/Moegi (Skies of Arcadia) (No one--this game is a bit obscure, I guess)
11. Difference brings them closer: Terry/Dana (Batman Beyond) (No One)
12. Magical Moon: Sakura/Yukito (Cardcaptor Sakura) (No one)
13. So Carefree, yet so confused: Setzer/Terra (FFVI) Scribe…again)
14. Pathetic Warrior: Fry/Leela (Futurama) (Who do you think?)
15. Fishing is a Girl's Best Friend: Big/Rouge --no, not joking with this pairing, I actually like it (Sonic) (No one)

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