Jul. 30th, 2007

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I shame myself in never knowing the actual date when I became a Simpsons fan, of when I gazed upon those yellow skinned freaks for the first time. The furthest I can say is that I’ve been around since it got it’s own TV series way back yonder in 1989 (I regretted never to having stayed for the Tracey Ullman shorts, but that’s where DVDs come in handy). I was but a curious girl just recently turned five. Who knew that just 18 something seasons later, I’d still glue my eyeballs to the screen every Sunday night waiting with baited breath on the latest Simpsons adventure, now at the tender age of 21.

I, alongside many, can vouch and say the newer seasons have lost the light that have made Simpsons special, perhaps the tedious of holding 18 seasons, cynicism, and an expectation for something greater, or that the show can no longer shock or reach the emotional depths it once held (I notice from rewatching Simpsons DVDs of the older seasons just how clever their humor was). Anything after Season 8 (perhaps 9-10 even) didn’t waver much for this ol’ Simpsons fan; yet I still find myself religiously watching ever single one of the currently 400 (and that’s not a typo) episodes aired. Is it due to nostalgic or faithful fandom? Maybe both, but it still stands, good or bad, The Simpsons hasve taken America by storm since it’s incarnation that even people living under a rock will instantly recognize the five families that make up the show (and the thousands of guest stars and secondary characters). It’s signified a cultural phenomenon that still hasn’t died (the line in my movie theater was freakishly long for example) and when it ends, it will truly be the end of an era.

Out of all the cartoons or pop cultural media I’ve ever been exposed to, nothing has ever topped The Simpsons. The cast and crew who makes the show deserves every one of my applause--especially Matt Groening who took a 15 minute rough sketch of the Simpsons family he drew on a napkin to Tracey Ullman and made history. Groening, you’re one of a kind. Now that I’ve preached the hell out of ya, I expect my money in my mail…oh, and this SPOILERIFFIC review:

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