Jun. 6th, 2007

neoyi: (Space Vlad)
I feel very irritated somehow; maybe it’s the brief upset I had a few days ago, maybe it’s cuz’ I’m turning 21 in just about a week and a half time, but I feel “eh”. Not bad “eh”, in fact, content enough to take out my blah-ness by making a list of characters whom I dislike and/or have a heated vengeance of hatred for. Creative way to release it, no? Just to prevent myself from getting an aneurysm as I write this, I will also be writing my favorite character next to each person I dislike from the same franchise to balance it out.

Naturally, these are all my humble opinions, so you can either take it or ignore because I honestly don't care if I'm being blunt, so whether or not I should feel sorry for these characters because they suffered a bad history or whatever, I don't care--their characters bothered me in somewhere, somehow Now the list in no particular order:

SPOiLERS and lots of distaste )

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