Mar. 29th, 2007

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"I heard from a member of DeviantART that a friend of there's got an email from Nick saying

Phantom is half kid, half ghost, and all action - and he's back with
ALL NEW EPISODES in April, and a special feature-length episode where
Danny visits the Phantom Planet!"

They thought it was a brand
new season but actually it was when Danny Phantom season 3 is airing in
the UK *ish happy cause she lives in the UK*
So that must mean the USA will be airing DP before April (unless the UK gets the eps first *confused*)

and also it's given us a hint of the 1 hour special of season 3 Special feature-length episode where Danny visits the Phantom Planet!"

Lurked through and pulled out what I declare the stupidest rumor in DP I've ever heard (see the one in bold). Other then the fact that DP isn't gonna air in April in the US (according to VERY reliable sources), Phantom Planet?!

I swear to GOD if this rumor turns out true and we get some stupid shit that the ghosts are aliens or something, I will walk out of DP and just...stick with Chess Piece or my own fan based creation because that is the most stupidest thing I've ever heard, too stupid to be a DP episode.
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Inspired by a YuGiOh dub video I saw a few weeks back that did the same, I basically took in some of the repeated sayings in Danny Phantom and put them together for three minutes. I wanted to add more, but got bored, but I hope this amuses you folks.

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