Mar. 22nd, 2007

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Gots this from both Tav and Keisha. Just three shows since I had a lot of delays making this ad I don't wanna go any further. Any who, HAVE AT THEE.

Episodes of "Danny Phantom": (Honestly, I'm actually working on a proper list of my fave DP episodes to put on my website in the future--just waiting till all the episodes air--so there's a chance I'll change my mind in the future on this list, but so far, here they are:).

1. The Ultimate Enemy
2. Kindred Spirits
3. My Brother's Keeper
4. Pirate Radio
5. Control Freaks
6. Flirting with Disaster
7. Eye for an Eye
8. Reign Storm
9. Identity Crisis

Moments of "Danny Phantom": (Funny, I'm also creating my fave DP moments article, too. I won't name them all cuz' it's still in process, but here's what I got so far--this list is random and not in order, unlike the above).

1. Vlad. Vlad. Vlad. Vlad. Vlad. He's man sex.
2. "Maybe that's all anybody needs; a second chance." (BEST. DANNY. MOMEMT. EVER)
3. Mature Danny in "Pirate Radio". He has grown a lot.
4. Samurai battle. Samurais are awesome, period. Vlad with a sword is awesome, period.
4. NEKKID VLAD...oh, and wet hair Vlad, but mostly: NEKKID VLAD.
5. The final battle in "Reign Storm". Seriously, I hope the series finale has an epic-ish story in the veins of this episode.
6. Danny flying in "Fanning the Flames" with Sam while going to Bucky's music store. Words cannot express just how FECKIN' beautiful this scene is.....feckin'.
7. "And I never was friends with YOU!" Paulina overshadowed by both Danny and Tucker, hilarious,
8. Super Danny. I haven't laughed hard in over five years till I saw him.
9. Vlad's reaction to his perfect clone melting. I was BLOWN. AWAY. Martin Mull can act, I mean, god. Hey, Darth Vader! This is how you scream, "NOOOOOOO!"
10. Ending to "My Brother's Keeper", quoted from my review of this episode on my website: "the last scene with Danny flying in the night sky as Jazz protectively watches is just brimming with love as it serves up one of the most beautiful ending to the entire damn series. For a show so faulty hell-bent on making comedy every damn chance they get, this is sentimentally at it’s best and it’s viewtiful."
11. When Valerie shocks Danny out in space, Danny out of defense and possible instincts Ecto Rays and knocks her unconscious. The look on his face, the horror of what he did, is powerful.
12. Danny and Jazz hug by the end of TUE, both in the open on their secrets and their further increases their love for one another.
13. The opening moment of "Control Freaks" when Danny balls himself up and sends like some giant round Ecto Blast. Awesome.
14. The first time we see the Ghost Zone. Hartman and his crew did a good job showing the otherwordly place.
15. Danny briefly gains one eye when he hastily transforms back to human during duplication process. Tucker slaps him back to normal. Funny.

Favorite Character: Vlad Masters
OTP: Vlad/Danny.............Skulker/Sam *runs off*
Unpopular Opinion: Dani sucks. Okay, this isn't really THAT unpopular, but she has the honor of being the only DP character I truly dislike.

Episodes of "Teen Titans": (Not in order, randomized)

1. How Long is Forever? (God, I LOVE the music in this episode)
2. Birthmark
3. Mad Mod
4. Apprentice Part I and II
5. Bunny Raven...or how to make a Titanimal disappear
6. Episode 257-494
7. Haunted
8. Things Change (I might be mixed on this one)

Moments of "Teen Titans":

1. Crazy messed up Raven in "How Long is Forever". Gawd, the entire room is WHITE.
2. The entire episode of "Birthmark", that was CRAZY.
3. Slade. He's man sex.
4. The multiple door gag scene from "Mad Mod". I love multi-door gags.
5. When Terra betrays Beast Boy, she slips behind the shadows with Slade. Nice.
6. Anytime Robin gets jealous around Starfire. It's just hilarious due to how serious he is, so to see him act in that manner is fun.

Favorite Character: Honestly, I have no clue. Slade and Starfire, I suppose.
OTP: I rather like the Robin/Starfire pairing
Unpopular Opinion: Season 3 was SO boring. Raven's battle with her father was so deus ex machina-ish (couldn't they put in a bit more effort), and Season Five is tedious.

Episodes of "Futurama: (also randomized)"

1. Jurassic Bark
2. Luck of the Fryish
3. The Devil's Hand are Idle Playthings
4. Teenage Mutant Leela Hurdles
5. The Sting
6. The Day the Earth Stood Stupid
7. Anthology of Interest II (the Video Game parody one)
8. Leela's Homeworld

Moments of "Futurama":

1. Fry's dog dying. That...that was SO heartfelt.
2. Incidentally, the ending to Luck of the Fryish".
3. "Please don't stop playing, Fry. I want to hear how it ends." *sniff* Up until Futurama got renewed for some 13 episodes, this would be the last Futurama line and it was so bloody sweet.
4. Anything that involves Professor Farnsworth, that man contradicts himself so much it's hilarious.
5. In the episode "Godfellas", I absolutely enjoy their portrayal of "God", where we're basically left ambiugous if that swirling mash of vortex and stars really was him or not.
6. "Instead of shooting where I was, you should have shot where I was going to." Dude, seriously, if I listed all my favorite lines from this show, it'll take forever. This show is gold.

Favorite Character: Honestly, no one. I like them all in there own quirky ways.
OTP: Fry/Leela, Professor Farnsworth/super fat chick, mwahahaha
Unpopular Opinion: I never actually cared for Bender like many do.

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