Jan. 27th, 2007

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Title: Err...actually, I haven't thought of one yet
Rating: PG-13, mostly for language and sex

Summery: Taking place after the death of Danny's friends and family from the Nasty Burger explosion, we cut to an AU (hey, an AU for an AU) where Vlad denied Danny's request to strip him of his ghost powers and instead fast forward to two years later where a 16 year old Danny discovers life and love over Vlad, the man who helped him in his dire emotional time of need, a love that will progress throughout the years.

Warnings: Mostly the sex, spoilers for TUE (and any DP episodes that comes it's way)
Disclaimer: Danny Phantom is the property of Butch Hartman/Nickelodeon and. This fanfic isn't making any profit of his work and is written just for fun and appreciation of the Vlad/Danny pairing.


I don't have a title for this yet because I suck.

Basically a fanfic exclusive to my lj of Vlad/Danny goodness because this couple is love. It takes place two years after TUE in an alternate time (hey, an AU FOR an AU, how's THAT for redundancy, ey?) in which Vlad refused to seperate Danny and his ghost self. Instead he's helped the emotional boy back into what he generally was through lots of intense therapy sessions or whatever he can give. Seeing how much Vlad is helping the kid, 16 year old Danny will go on a whirlwind of emotions towards Vlad as the years progress and he gets closer.

Considering I already have two other fanfics under my belt, I think this one will be mostly to the point, without trying to rush it out or anything. Well, enjoy.


Prologue )
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On recent comments I got on a super old pic of Mario vs. Sonic pic I did about two years back:

Commenter: are they fighting with each other?
Me: Some are.
Commenter: Then i'm not faving this.
Me: No one's stopping you.
Commenter: what the heck are you talking about?
Me: I meant you don't have to fave if you don't want to. Quite frankly, if you don't like the artwork, you didn't even need to comment.

Seriously, why the hell do people feel the need to comment on something they don't like? It makes no logical sense. Well, it's a minor issue that I'm not gonna worry about, but it does irritates me. I mean, the person even stated he's not a fan of Mario vs. Sonic pic in his signature and he still felt the need to drop by and comment on a pic that basically IS Mario vs. Sonic.

This planet makes no sense sometimes.

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