Jan. 23rd, 2007

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Taken from Tav, Scribe, and Keisha.

Put your audio player software on random. Post the title of the first twenty songs that come up. Append "in My Pants" to the end of each title. I feel so immature for doing this, bwahahaha.

1. White Light Majesty in my pants - Okami
2. Affirmation in my pants - Savage Garden
3. Princess Sakuya's Theme in my pants - Okami
4. Green Caves in my pants - Sonic Riders
5. Naturally in my pants - Ayumi Hayazaki
6. Influence of the Deep in my pants - Parasite Eve
7. Metal City in my pants - Sonic Riders
8. Clocks in my pants - Coldplay
9. Ducktales in my pants - Disney
10. Start up your Ex-Gear in my pants - Sonic Riders
11. Welcome to Duloc in my pants - Shrek
12. Water in my pants - FF7:AC
13. Kissing You in my pants - Des'ree
14. Air in my Pants - Shiki
15. Ordinary World in my pants - Duran Duran
16. When You're Evil in my pants - Voltraire
17. Remember in my Pants - Danny Phantom
18. Divinity II in my pants - FF7:AC
19. Kodamas in my pants - Princess Mononoke
20. Come What May in my pants - Moulin Rouge!

Songs 3, 8, 9, 12, and 19 are all kinds of hilarious while songs 4, 10, 13, 17, and 20 sounds so friggin' dirty. And 1 remains me of Vlad. Bwahahaha.
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Angel Phantom is a DPverse that takes place about some 2000 years after DP in which many of the characters from the shows are Gods watching over Earth. Angel (Danny) Phantom is the God of Memory/Light who is searching for his “true” name (Angel Phantom is one of his many nicknames) along with Vlad, the prince of Eternia (an Afterlife kingdom for people who don’t fit anywhere else) who is searching for his possibly lost memories ever since he was kissed by Angel on first meeting, triggering of ghost powers he never knew he had.

That said, since I’ll probably never make this comic series, I got bored and made this little fanfic of Angel, Vlad, and GhostWriter AKA God of Art and Sex love triangle-ness. The "slice of heaven" nickename from this chick [livejournal.com profile] prettypanchito when we rped this.

Rated PG-13 for most the talk of sex and such.

Vlad/Danny/GW-ness )

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