Jan. 8th, 2007

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One of the great things about this live journal is that I can post artwork and even fanfics that I don’t wanna do in DA or FF.net. So, that said, expect not just behind-the-scenes CP (Chess Piece) artwork, but even little fanfics here and there that I suspect might not make it into the main CP comic:

For this little fanfic…well, while I might have plans to put this segment in the comic in a future issue, it’s merely only a small certain at this time. Anyways, in CP, Vlad, before he had Danny used to travel around the world having adventures (very much like Indiana Jones or TinTin), refusing to be the then next future ruler of Daly Kingdom, not wanting to put in responsibilities that hinders his adventuring. Maddie is his arranged fiancée who loves Vlad, but is often conflicted of her feelings because Vlad keeps selfishly running off (Vlad likes Maddie, too, it just takes a while for him since their first meeting was when he was 13 and she was only 8, so there weren’t much huge feelings for a 13 year to give to an 8 year old then). Abraham (while only mentioned here) is Vlad’s strict, domineering, dictator of a dad.

Vlad is about 24 in here, Maddie about 18-19. Enjoy. New Dalv City in here is basically New York City. The date is around sometime in Spring of 1910.

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