Jan. 4th, 2007

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Recently joined this page...don't have a flippin' clue what I'm suppose to do. But ya know, join a new thing, you won't get use to it until after a while. So I'm sure in due time I can. That said...umm...nothing much to say.
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...Okay, looking past that ridiculously bad pun, I'm obviously new to Livejournal, so I have no clue what to really say or do other then feeling a tad intimidated. But then again, I'm new here and don't understand much of the functions to work this durn thing, so in time, I'm sure I will. Hoping to make lots of friends and all that jazz, so here goes. The world is my cheesecake.
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So...what's the difference between journal and entry? Still trying to get the hang of this.
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Let's see if I can post an image and that lj text cut thingie...I know I got it right if you see an artwork I just did on three DP characters acting like idiots (once you click the link).

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