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Taken from [ profile] tavalya_ra

(1) List 5 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
(2) Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them. (5 - 1, 1 is the hottest.)
(3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
(4) Supply photos for said people.
(5) Tag five people! (Bull crap, anyone can do this if they want to, none of this tag shit)

Oh, you can Indiana MY Jones anytime

5. Harrison Ford Indiana Jones forever remains part of my childhood and over the years, I can see why I liked it so much: the leading star is rugged with a capital "R". Even in his 60's, Harrison is fit, handsome, and those piercing blue eyes still make me drool. I so cannot wait for Indiana Jones 4. Please don't let the movie suck.

Hidden in deep depp

4. Johnny Depp He's dark, brooding nature is already a sight to behold, but what made me fall for Johnny is the amazing versatile characters he can pull off. Everything from a surly pirate to a horrifying looking, yet innocent man with scissors to a child hating weirdo Willy Wonka and so forth, his roles are so whimsical and charismatic.

I need me to draw me some Drew

3. Drew Barrymore Drew isn't overall sexy, more like cute, but that's why I find her so attractive. She's got a very adorable appearance and she shines on screen in whatever role she portrays. She's...well, cute as a button and I like her chubby cheeks.

Time to Uma On!

2. Uma ThurmanI'm no lesbian nor bixseual, but I think Uma is hot, period. I love her smile, it's And she makes one hell of a grin, too.

If Gere was an alcohol, I'd be drunk by now

1. Richard Gere I have a thing for older men. I rarely find anyone in their 20's attractive anymore. I have a loving for older, rugged appearances and I admit, graying hair. Richard Gere--while certainly not rugged, has got the gray...and the charm. Just LOOK AT HIM. His eyes alone speak sweet nothings to me and his smile is so sweet and geunine. And his tap-dancing in "Chicago"? YOWZA.


And because I want a blatant excuse to includ Vlad, the top five fictional characters I would do if they were real.


5. Terry McGinnis I love the original Batman like sometime stupid, but I admit to enjoying Terry McGinnis a teensy bit more. Since I was about 14 at the time of BB's initial airing, I was more in tune with it, able to better relate with Terry then I did Bruce. And I add, he's quite the looker. Dana Tan is one lucky gal.

Yes, him

4. TinTin A bit of an odd choice, I admit, but TinTin was my first ever animated crush. At the humble age of 9, I saw the most excellent early 90's TinTin cartoons and was obsessed with it and it's character: a young reporter with the smarts and even some battle skills to survive his many adventures. Traditionally, he doesn't look like no heartthrob, but his rather adorable appearance and resoureful abilities manage to win my heart.

It's Shinra, not Shin-Ra, that's only for the logo

3. Rufus Shinra FF7 is SO overrated, but Rufus makes it all the better in just about any appearances he makes. Intelligent, brave, and good looking, that's a hat trick.

Yes, I'm not joking

2. Luigi True, he's another odd choice, especially considering he's all the way in #2 and he has a porno 'stache (I'm not a fan of mustaches on my guys), but I can't help it, he's pretty much my first official crush ever. Been in my life since I was five when I was stuck as Player Two in Super Mario World, the younger, taller, and more hotter brother of the Mario Bros. have stuck with me even now. I know he's got a cutesy appearance, but goddamn it, he's hot. He's live-action movie counterpart (played by the delicious John Leguizamo) is also pretty durn attractive.

Masters of the list

1. Vlad Masters/Seximus--I meant Vlad Masters/Plasmius Please go back under that rock in Mars if you haven't figured out why I think he's smex. He's smart, clever, debonair, manipulative and...and just LOOK at him. If looks could kill...
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