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Since I doubt I'll ever write or draw the entire plot of "Angel Phantom", I'm going to make a general summary of the main plot. There's more after (which I'll explain on another post), but this is how the story begins and ends. Anything else...well, it's part of the main timeline, but it falls under the similiar phase of Tav's "Crack Beyond the Crack" and isn't part of the "main series" in whole.

That said, to those not up to speed, Angel Phantom is the love story of the 2,000+ year old God of Memory and Light (who looks and behaves like a 19-year-old) and the 40-year-old businessman he travels with. Through a series of adventure, drama, mysteries, comedy, parodies, and of course, Angel's constant comparison between Vlad and Richare Gere comes the greatest love story ever made. EAT YOUR HEART OUT, GONE WITH THE FRIGGIN' WIND!

“Do you love me?”

The first words ever spoken at the beginning of Angel Phantom starts off the story as an irritated Harriet Chin asked her boyfriend, rich billionaire Vladimir J. Masters a question to test their love. He struggles and hesitates, causing her much anger for she has waited seemingly forever for Vlad to move to the next step (marriage) and storms off, breaking up with him.

Vlad is a 40-year-old billionaire. He has everything he could possibly dream of: money, fame, a status as one of the world’s most leading people of America, beautiful women thinking they can change him and his bachelor playboy style. To Vlad, all of this is in strife, not one of them buying him what he truly wants: happiness. Desperately alone, Vlad has struggled to find a person he can share his love with, but he’s had unsuccessful attempts at romance (mostly due to bizarre accidents) as he suffers from a fear of commitment with issues he either doesn’t know or is in denial (this is due to his father's poor marriage with his mother and the womanizing habits he had as well as a woman in college he loved, but never loved back fore she loved another). He eventually gets a different taste in life from his fast paced business world when the city of New York (where part of his company resides--he’s there for a meeting) is suddenly covered in darkness. All the citizens are either turned into grotesque beasts or lowly creatures, not one of them possessing their free will. Vlad however is transformed into a vampiric-ish form with unstable dark powers, aware of his surroundings and his new bizaare transformation.

Unsure of what to do, Vlad and the people of NYC are saved by a brilliant white light, turning the infamous city back into it’s original state--including Vlad who reverts to his original form. As for the light, it crash-lands near Vlad. Curious, Vlad runs over to the small crater where the light crashed and to his surprise spots a young man with white hair…a naked young man with white hair. Opening his dazzling green eyes, the white haired man immediately and silently takes a curious interest towards Vlad while the former embarrassingly tries to cover up his nudie-ness. When Vlad questions who he is and what he is, the white haired man could not say a word, only silently taking in this rather breath taking creature (Aww, come off it, Vlad is sex). The white haired man responds the only way he can: he kisses him.

Before Vlad could retaliate with any sort of action or comment, various other people arrive to question, but the man quickly disappears the moment Vlad turned his head. For a bit, Vlad experienced the taste of something different and that man (and the kiss) never left his mind. He reunited with him when NYC was attacked again a couple of months later, though the main cause of darkness himself showed up, a mysterious entity named Phantom. The mysterious white haired man arrives and delivers a struggling battle that he barely survives. The man recognizes Vlad afterwards and this time, is able to talk. The two end up having a long conversation with him, mostly Vlad questioning who he is. Unfortunately the man doesn’t know. He can’t even remember his own name…but he knows Chris Tucker and Richard Gere shares the same birthday.

Right on cue comes Ghost Writer, God of Art and Sex, sent by the head Gods to explain to the white haired man that he is the God of Memory and Light. Because of his recent counterattack towards the darkness on NYC two months ago, the young God had lost his memories and most of his powers. He must go and find all his memory pieces back as well as his powers, each one held by a different God (who were sent to recover pieces of Angel's memories before the darkness took over them and whatnot) that are apparently trapped by the ever growing darkness that’s slowly spreading the galaxy (and eventually universe) as they speak. Cujo was created by the Head Gods as their guidance to finding the others. With all memories restored, Angel will find where he’s true home is: The Celestial Plains where he will hone himself to defeat Phantom, restore true balance, and rule by the Head Gods--his parents' side. Wishing to know more about his transformed state and to lead a potentially fulfilled life, Vlad agrees to travel with the white haired boy whom he dubs “Angel Phantom” ("Angel" for saving the city, "Phantom" for his mysterious disappearance that one time) when he asked to be named whatever Vlad wishes to call him.

And thus starts the grand adventure. Angel, a 2,000+-year-old God with the sweetest, happiest personality, able to strive through pop cultural references, and flirty tones towards Vlad and Vlad himself, a suave, clever businessman who plays the more silent yin to Angel’s energetic yang. Together, the two span the world, meeting new and exotic cultures, finding friends (particularly the sarcastic lecherous demon secretary to Satan Sam, Angel-in-training messenger boy Tucker, God of Hunts and Games Skulker--who harbors feelings for Sam and has disguised himself as a clumsy hunter partner to Valerie as a means to spy on Angel's progress by order of the Head Gods, Deity Hunter Valerie who's constantly on Angel's tail and is Skulker's partner, rogue beautiful thief Paulina, God of Luck and Fortunes Elliot who plays as a constant comedic rival towards Angel--one of the definite moments is when Elliot chose random mortals as his Marvel team causing Angel to combat with his DC team composed of his close friends, etc). They’ve also traveled the vast galaxy, helping those in need without outright exposing Angel’s status as a God (after all, people nowadays no longer rely on them as they did thousands of years back--most believing them as nothing but myths). And of course, they've run in with Phantom numerous times throughout.

Because the story’s main theme is love, Angel’s constant crush on Vlad is frequently displayed, even if half the time, he’s just joking around. Knowing full well that the two will not be together by the future (Vlad is merely a mortal, Angel is a God who must find his memories and his home, the Celestial Plains and stay to rule from his rightful home), Angel tried to keep his crush in check, but it obviously backfired on him. The longer he stayed with Vlad, the more he felt attached to him and it’s clear he was falling in love with him. Vlad however did not share the same sentimentality, clearly assuming himself straight as an arrow. But try as he might, even he couldn’t control his hormones the closer he got to Angel (he started having a thing for Angel’s female form before slowly starting to find his true male form just as attractive). Obviously this led to both acting jealous whenever someone attempted to woo their hearts--especially Ghost Writer, a former lover of Angel who clearly puts the move on him constantly (the only reason they aren’t together is GW’s refusal to tie down).

Their love finally came true which ironically started with them nearly split apart. Angel, doing his usual flirtatious nature towards Vlad pissed the latter so greatly, he tells him off (he was taking his frustrations out on him due to his own confused feelings). A heartbroken Angel (in female form) ends up with GW for the night…which resulted in him getting pregnant. Not exactly parental material, GW didn’t want to have anything to do with it and instead asked Angel for an abort. Vlad states he will help raise the baby with Angel, knowing full well Angel’s good hearted nature would never allow him to kill an innocent child, plus Vlad feels this is the closest he’ll ever get to having a child, suffering from a rather low sperm count (though he's libido's pretty damn healthy *is smacked*). Angel agrees after much thought and it seemed the kid’s future was set…until Angel miscarries. Angel’s feeling was rather ambiguous, but Vlad was devastated. For that moment in time, Angel and Vlad barely even spoke to one another, neither seemingly knowing what to do with each other.

It was at that point in time that Angel recovered all his memories and learned the location of his hometown. He and Vlad (who was given honors to enter for his companionship with Angel) enters the Celestial Plains where Angel meets the two Head Gods: Solaris and Lunaris, his parents. Vlad instantly recognizes them as two friends he made during his college days in the 80’s: Jack and Maddie--the latter the woman he once loved and the former being the one who "stole" her from him. Indeed, the two pose as such due to the Fates declaring one student there will help Angel in the future once he lost his memories. They manage to find him via a special Aura over others, probably chosen by Angel himself some 40 years ago when he saw and gave a special kiss on the forehead to a baby Vlad after the three Fates (Gods of Prophecies--the Vulture Ghosts, by the way) told him he will lose his memories and one mortal he chose will help.

That’s also why Vlad retained his vampire-like form with dark powers he can control, as a way to protect himself from the darkness and keep his free will, not like the rest of the mortals exposed to it, a protection spell you could say given by the two Head Gods. Angel also discovers the ironic twist that his parents didn’t give him a true name either, claiming he’s name is universal to whoever wants to name him. With that said, Vlad stays for about a day in the Celestial Plains, contemplating his lost feelings on Lunaris and his confused ones with Angel while Angel himself, now so thoroughly depressed, confesses to GW he loves Vlad, despite their current animosity. GW, caring so greatly for the one he can’t have declares he should tell Vlad or he’d regret it. By the next day Vlad announces he should depart to Earth. He and Angel share a private, awkward good-bye at a local train station in NYC where they first met (why a train station, because it's bloody romantic, damn it!) that would take him to his home in Wisconsin. Desperate and emotional, Angel finally confesses…

“I love you, Vlad…thought you should know.”

Flabbergasted, Vlad takes the train home, but not before Angel hints he will wipe his memories of Vlad to lessen the pain. He calls his half brother Duke (whom he and Angel meets sporadically throughout their journey), whom watches Vlad's home whenever he's away--that ultimately leads farmer Abe, Vlad's father, who was visiting Duke, to verbally smack him in the head for making a stupid move by leaving Angel. Despite his less then happy support for his son to fall for someone of the same gender (he's a wee bit conservative), seeing Vlad smile in the longest time is more important to him, and God help him, Angel made him smile. The thought that even his own father supported this makes him realize his mistake. He stops the train and manages to find Angel in Central Park just in time. He confesses how Angel made him the happiest in years, stating he’s the most important person in his life. With much sappiness, Vlad finally kisses Angel (before then, Angel always kissed Vlad--half the time for joke purposes) and they go to his manor in Wisconsin and do some heavy bouts of sex. The two finally making up.

They had some romantic moments here and there (dates, sex in public...frequent sex in publics, etc) during this point with Angel deciding to stay with Vlad on Earth. He can always help the galaxy in his own ways and no amounts of arguments from other Gods is gonna turn young "Memoria's" decisions. Evil ultimately pops up and stuff happens as Phantom's increased darkness overshadows (no pun intended) Angel and he turns the God of Light into a mere mortal, scaring the crap out of him that he’s basically human and completely vulernable, though Phantom then later almost kills Vlad if not for Angel intervening, killing him instead. Because he is mortal and because of the good he has done, including the sacrifice he just made, Angel is given a ticket to Heaven to live in peace for all eternity. He ponders deeply while trying to ask if there’s a way to go back (answer: no way). Only through Vlad’s struggle to fight Phantom (by this point, he can willingly change into his other form) and the prayers of many people of Earth who believes in the Memory God does Angel’s power restore to his Godly hood. It’s incredibly cheesy, but Angel is back and kicks serious ass. He restores the balance of light and dark, using his full power like he did in the beginning of the story.

Angel falls and Vlad runs off, meeting with the now weakened Phantom whom Vlad delivers the final blow of killing him. He finds Angel amongst some ruins, conscious, but thoroughly weak. Fearful Angel lost his memories once again like he did when he used his powers in full last time, yet hopeful, he holds him in his arms and tearfully confesses:

“I love You.”
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