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1. Red is a color I usually can make look decent on me.

2. Kitty Liter is the heaviest shit to lift and scan it's barcode. Whoever thought it was a brilliant idea to put the barcode at the bottom of heavy objects needs to be punched in the face.

3. Feet painage is a given, so get use to it.

4. Money and plastic bags come run out pretty damn quickly, though there are refills.

5. Every single day, there WILL be one screaming/crying child.

6. Sometimes people disobey the under ten express lane and bring up to at least 30 friggin' crap for me to scan.

7. Money/Cashiering is made more complicated then I ever thought it would be. Gift registry, cash, check, REDcards, etc. Head spins.

8. They always run out of chicken buffalo pizza whenever it's lunch time for me. *frowns*

9. Target does not currently have the Wii (like other stores). I is sad.

10. Always buy liquid, too many "Hello" and "Have a Nice Day" can dry your throats--in my case, I suspect sore throats in the near future.

11. Riding a bus isn't all that bad.

12. When someone lines up to get retailed, others will follow like some pseudo "Follow the Leader".

13. Even if you're not carrying DVDs or CDs, sometimes the alarm on the way out goes off for some reason. It can get annoying.

14. Like home, computers hate me in Target. They spit out credit/debit cards when they're not suppose to, get frozen, etc. Maybe I just have a terribly tendency to kill computers.

15. Nobody how many times you say "hi" and be as sweet as possible, little children won't say "hi" back because they're rude buggers (actually, they're just shy).

16. It's ALWAYS when it's break time that customers line up to get their things paid like they know in advance.

17. Like in my previous job (laundry business), I HATE coat hangers. Evil, EVIL contraptions.
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