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Thus the start of my DP Season 4-ness, written in some sorta fanfic/script-ish format. I am not an expert writer, so expect some bad grammar or misspelled typos (although for the latter, I can only hope I manage to get rid of them all). Posting this all on my lj because I don't wanna crowd my DA. Next update is...whenever I feel like it. God only knows if I'll even finish this considering my already other hefty Chess Piece project.

Behind the Scenes:
Included in this section is behind-the-scenes info, too on said stories, though I fully recommend reading it AFTER you read the fanfic.

1. In order to understand the current timeline of my Season 4, I direct you to my theorized DP timeline here. That's the timeline I'm following.

2. I didn't like the idea of making a new ghost, especially one who makes such a short appearance, but I needed an excuse to talk about God complexes that plays a bigger role later on in the story. Don't expect much new ghosts if any--I have stories for the old ones and any newer is just not needed.

3. Price is also CP Danny's nickname. I just decided to extend it over here just for fun.

4. Originally, Tucker had finalized the wrist communicator. Danny would have worn it and used it as an act of plot point by jamming Skulker's cannon with it by end, but I decided against it. I doubt we'll be seeing much of Tucker's inventions that'll benefit Danny since the Fenton parents already got that covered.

5. Harold Duke is the name I gave to the Axion Boss (only seen in "Shades of Gray"). Like aways, I chose the name after researching the meaning behind it because I like to do that. In this case, the first name generally means "leader of the army" and such. The last name just means "leader".

6. I think the main two guys in GiW is Operative K and O, last I checked, though I admit to say I don't know which is which, not that it matters since their personalities are basically the same.

7. I had at least a couple more black and white pictures I wanted to do for this fanfic, but I have no time, so only a title card is used which generally represents the entire series and not just this "episode" in whole.

EDiT: A lot of you have noticed Danny's personality and how he's either too confident and hollow as you guys deemed him. This is good that you think this way. Why? Because Danny's personality and growth is VERY important throughout Season 4. Keep this episode in mind because by series end, you will never know he was the same kid from the beginning of Season 4...let along the first season...

A lone figure floats in the depth of space, once a proud man, now clinging to the very last breath of oxygen, fading into death as a natural Ghost Portal opens at random, or perhaps by fate; either way, the lone figure drifts into it as if the opening was magnetized, seemingly pulling him in…

Back to Business Title Card

*Back to Business*

August. 31, 2006
“You ever counted the days of a particular something that altered your life? I’m no Math expert, but even I can count that for exactly 191 days, including today, I‘ve walked through the looking glass and entered a world far beyond the normality I once had. I was 14 when fate decided to grant me powers beyond my comprehension. I don’t know if that very fate drove me to explore the unexplored, but it definitely chain reacted me to the events that led me to where I am now: famous, well known, and caterer to the world’s whim. It’s only been less then three months since I stopped a raging asteroid that gained me famed status all over the world. I guess you could say I lead a busy life, but that’s all right, I mandatory gave myself the boundaries and responsibilities to keep the world from harm a long time ago. It’s not my job, it’s my life. There’s no turning point, I can’t just hop on puddles and wash it all away, everything’s changed now…”


Usually, cities are hounded with criminals who make it their petty lives to steal, kill, or brandish any possible comeuppance to those who had no right to deserve such heinous treatment. Normally, that would be the case and not the appearance of a very tall giant of a ghost with multiple hands donning a mask with a calm facial gesture; the very creature thrashing the city of New Delhi with only the soldiers and police officers doing their part in stopping him, even if their bullets were useless. They weren’t trying to kill him however--they were stalling him.

Ghost: Foolish humans, you mortal weapons hold no clause to the great and all-mighty soon-to-be-a God-to-your-kind, Aishwarya!
Cop: How long do we have to hold him off? The bullets only make him cockier.
Soldier: Until he comes…
Cop: Provided we live that long.

Swatting the defensive like flies, the ghost known as Aishwarya wrecked havoc flawlessly with undeserved freedom.

Aishwarya: Is there no end to this perfect day?
Mysterious (but you can guess who it is) voice: Oh, I can think of one or two…or three.

Breezing past the numerous armed station grounds, a black and white blur delivered a grand punch that sent Aishwarya toppling, colliding into a nearby building.

Boy: Whoa, that ain’t coming out my allowance.
Cops/Soldiers: DANNY PHANTOM!
Danny: That’s my name, don’t wear it out. Now as for those reasons…
Aishwarya: *standing up* Very impressive. So I finally meet the famed Danny Phantom. I figured one way or another I’d run into you.
Danny: Well, random bouts of destruction are my siren call--though it wouldn’t be if you, oh, I don’t know, DIDN’T DO IT.
Aishwarya: I cannot, I am their God.
Danny: Great, a ghost with a God complex, just what I need.

Danny quickly delivered a series of physical combat and ecto rays, pushing Aishwarya back with every impact.

Danny: Not so godly, NOW, are ya?
Aishwarya: You and I are not so different, both of us are Gods to our people, I just chose to actively take advantage of it and dominate.
Danny: *eye roll* I’m not a God.
Aishwarya: Not with the way people treat you.
Danny: Yeah, well I chose to protect for the good of man and ghostkind and you…well, the end results speak for itself.
Aishwarya: The same will befall onto you, just wait and see, dear boy. Whether or not lesser mortals play hostile or welcome you with open arms depends on your outcomes.
Danny: Okay, this is getting nowhere, time to pull out the big guns…

He sucked up a healthy dose of air and let off his famous and most powerful act of offense: the Ghostly Wail. With it’s moans, the shock of green sonic waves trembled the ghost and nearby buildings. Danny could take in great conscience that the cops and soldiers had backed away by the time of his arrival, leaving Aishwarya to take the full blunt. The giant toppled, leaving Danny to suck him inside the Fenton Thermos.

Danny: …Check and Mate.

Everybody cheered and like how it’s been for the past three months, everybody celebrated and praised Danny like, well…a God. Danny merely took it all in strides; he attended the parties and gave off victories speeches, usually with a translator in hand, then finished the day by resting inside the Fenton Jet plane before flying off to another part of the world. He refused hotel room services after a month’s time, uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping in stranger’s homes and inns due to his frequent travels to various parts of the planet. All that globetrotting seemed almost meaningless in the end if not for the dired fate of humankind.

Barely receiving a rest after the famed asteroid that nearly blew up the planet that resulted in his secret identity revealed to the general public, Danny’s credibility up the rise of diabolical ghosts who spread their malice to the four corners of the world. A hero to the world and keeping his promise to protect all as much as he possibly could, Danny with much reassurance from his family and friends left his hometown and scaled Earth, sacrificing much of his summer vacation. But that’s mattered little to him; it’s daily routine--just on a wider scale.

With it came sudden cultural shock. Governments from all around the world welcomed him with open arms and waited on him hand and foot, treating him as if he was the monarch of Earth. If he was fourteen, he would have soaked it all in and take every bit of advantage that he’s young mind could gather, but instead he humbly sat through the suck-ups and spoiled treatment. World traveling wasn’t a complete wasted effort outside of ghost hunting though, he had many mentors who volunteered to teach him greater ranges of physical and mental combat (“That chi controlling stuff really helped control my Ghostly Wail better.”) and he had the benefit of learning several languages, although they were mostly simply phrases to carry on a light conversation (he didn’t stay in a particular country for too long). One could say he was educated, or at the very least, he felt very much like Batman. Despite all the benefits he received, he missed home, so it was of great joy that he appreciated the celebration on India more so then other countries. After he rested, he was going home…


The leader of New Delhi shook hands with Danny and wished him the best by morning the next day. Children asked for his autographs and declared they do their part in helping the often times despot planet, girls swooned all over him, and men admired his strengths. With a casual wave, Danny boarded the Fenton Jet Plane and flew off: Destination, Amity Park.

He gave an e-mail to Jazz telling her he was on his way home. She in return spread the news to Danny's family and friends. For the first half part destination trip home, Danny kept the jet on autopilot not because he couldn’t drive it (he possessed a recent gift for piloting flying vehicles), but to take time to finish his own personal pet project: designing a new uniform for himself. With powers of shape shifting, Danny theoretically hoped he could transform into said new uniform by the time he finalized the conception behind it.

Amity Park looked the same when Danny flew over the familiar mall where he and his friends spent cash on material goods, the park where they had many picnics, the school where he remembered getting his head dunked into the toilet by local school bully Dash since he’s Freshman year, and of course, City Hall where his friend Tucker took on the role as mayor of it’s fair city, a striking job for one so young, but nonetheless one he could handle or so he claimed.

Danny: Well, the city’s still standing; Tucker must be doing a good job. Speaking of…

He wanted to land the jet plane atop his home where it belonged (Jack severely missed the Fenton Opt Center, discouraged by his wife to build another), but a huge crowd gathering around City Hall garnered his attention. He could see giant banners that welcomed him home and it dawned on Danny that his loved ones took the news of his return a little too far.

Danny: Oh, Jazz…

He landed and immediately was hounded by roaring fans. Dash and at least half the peers from his school practically groveled at his feet while Paulina (and a variety of other girls) gave him a giant smooch on the cheek (Danny refused any lip contact with any), and again, people asked for autographs, all as Danny struggled to move through the crowds before he mentally hit himself.

Danny: *thought* Duh, intangibility.

The audience gave off a shock when he suddenly vanished and reappeared in front of the podium where Tucker, his girlfriend Sam, his sister Jazz, and his parents awaited. Though he did not know if Damon Gray was among the crowd, Valerie was nowhere to be seen, though that made sense; she wasn’t even present on his departure months back. He hoped to run into her someday and find out why. Danielle, too was absent, though Danny would later learn that his friends and sister could not contact her, let alone risk exposing her to Jack and Maddie without his consent. Each one of them gave a long hug, Sam being the last who gave an addition kiss, much to the cheers (and dismay of any fan girls in the audiences) of the crowd.

Danny: Looks like the city’s still standing.
Sam: Oh, come on, we’re not bad ghost hunters by any means. Actually, it’s been real quiet here since your departure.
Danny: Makes sense. Some of the ghosts I fight daily attacked other parts of the world, too. You wouldn’t believe some of the dreams I had to encounter when Nocturne invaded Australia. *eyes Jazz* And you, I thought I told you to keep my return quiet. After all the celebration I’ve been getting, I rather would appreciate some privacy.
Jazz: *crosses arms* I did no such thing, Daniel Price Fenton. I only told your family and friends--which includes a one Mr. Tucker Foley who, being mayor made it his primary duty to welcome you back home, just to excessive degrees.
Danny: Oh, Tuck…
Jazz: Well, you might as well just get it over with. Afterwards, I think it’ll be good if we spend some time toge--

She was interrupted when Tucker tapped the microphone strapped to the podium to see if was working.

Tucker: Testing, testing. One, Two, Three. Alrighty then. Okay, first of all, I want to thank you all for attending this marvelous welcoming party. Second, we all know why we’re here…*crowd cheers*…yeah, to celebrate the return of Danny Phantom!
Jack: *steps in* Son of the famous Jack Fenton--that’s me--professional ghost hunter.
Tucker: Err, thank you. After nearly three months since his departure to rid the world of malevolent ghosts, Danny Phantom has returned home, surely to protect our beloved town from any other ghosts that'll come our way. So let’s welcome back our homeboy. Come on up ‘er, Danny!

Another speech and a huge party later, Danny and his family returned home, the Opt Center finally back it its rightful place atop Fenton Works. Naturally Jack spent the better half of his day there, if he wasn’t, he was hounding Danny with questions:

Jack: Did you break any of the ghosts’ ectoplasmic bones? Were you violent? Did you get any new ectoplasmic samples? It’s too bad I couldn’t have joined, I would have given them the ol’ one-two, but since you’re back home, we can partner up like I asked. What do you think, son?
Danny: Ummm…well…I…
Maddie: Jack, Danny looks tired right now, why don’t we let him relax? He’s had such a long trip.
Danny: Sleep would be nice, but I promised Sam and Tucker after the party that I’d spend some time with them first.
Jazz: Danny, once you’re done with the two, I need to talk to you alone, so don’t take too long. I don’t mean to be a nag, but--
Danny: It’s all right, Jazz. I’ll be back by sunset.

He’d unpack his bags later, right now, he missed his friends. Taking time off from his mayoral duties, Tucker (followed by a couple of bodyguards) entered the local Nasty Burger with Sam and Danny, the latter getting various eyes from the people inside. Most of them were obvious admirers while some gave off definite glares; Danny swore he heard a middle aged woman declare him a “sin against nature”, but he didn't care. He missed the familiar setting and the awkward pimpled teenaged hired helpers. After ordering in, the three spoke, Danny of his travels (an abridged version so the three wouldn’t be at the fast food joint for the next week) and Sam and Tucker on the goings of Amity Park.

Tucker: …And I got a bunch of people to build a new train station for quicker travels between Amity Park and Elmerton. I think that’s about it. Ooh, and I’ve been inventing a lot of nifty stuff, including a prototype hologram wrist communicator watch. It’s not finalized, so I can’t reveal it’s contents to you, but it’ll be so much more convenient then cell phones.
Sam: Well, now that Tucker’s bored us with his political and technological details--really, anguishing ones-
Tucker: Hey!
Sam: --there have been other changes besides Amity Park. For example, Vladco.
Danny: Vlad’s company? Is it still in existence?
Sam: Duh, companies don’t disappear right off the bat. You know how the world is, every business men and women greedily fights for the sheer purpose of making more unnecessary money for their own devious manners and Vladco. is no exception. Leaders of other companies have been fighting to buy the majority stock to own it since Vlad’s disappearance.
Danny: *concerned*…And?
Tucker: We got the dude who was once in charge of Axion Lab before Vlad bought it off, Harold Duke.
Danny: I suppose his company merge helped him gain easy access to presidency of said company. Did they do anything suspicious while I was away?
Tucker: I checked it out via a schedule with Mr. Duke a couple months back and so far, everything’s clean. He even eagerly spoke of his recent project to launch a satellite soon.
Danny: Satellite? What for?
Tucker: He said he has new technology that could change the world only accessible via a satellite.
Danny: Why not use the ones already in space?
Tucker: He was very specific that it be his own creation.
Danny:…I don’t like this.
Tucker: Relax, Danny, this might be one of those things where a company just wants to do legitimate work. It’s Vladco, but Duke isn’t Vlad.
Sam: *sigh* Businesses are never legitimate.

Tucker: Maybe we should move on, say changes in the Ghost Zone.
Danny: What changes?
Sam: Well, ever since ghosts came to help you save the world from that Disasteroid, humans have been trying to find ways to get inside the Ghost Zone--including the government and you all know which government is thoroughly interested in ghosts.
Danny:…The Guys in White.
Sam: Yep. And unfortunately your father was all too eager to help out. Now there’s a small, but growing amount of Ghost Portals around Amity Park.
Danny: What? Is that a good idea? Tucker, is that a good idea?
Tucker: Sorry, dude, it’s the government, they have matters way out of hand for me to deal with.
Sam: Humans have been entering the Ghost Zone frequently and the ghosts are having completely mixed reactions to it: some like it and want an alliance; others don’t and are riled up. A lot are going to authority figures for leadership from both ends and want a major representative, an ambassador. From what I heard, rumors state Skulker’s been chosen for that role over in the Ghost Zone.
Danny: Great, just what I need, politics. Considering I’m human and ghost, I feel like I could get caught up in this whole mess.
Tucker: So? Be like Switzerland and stay neutral. I learn there are battles you don’t need to get involved, just the ones that benefits the party in whole.
Danny: Yeah, but it involves the Ghost Zone and that involves me in someway, whether I like it or not. There isn’t anymore potentially depressing news, is there?
Sam:…Well, Box Ghost and Lunch Lady married while you were away.
Danny: What? They did?
Tucker: Yeah, they’re expecting a child now.

Danny gave off a wide face, and then played with the straw on his drink.

Danny: Box Lunch…
Sam: If it is her, the future isn’t written in stone, remember?
Danny: I don’t want to hear time theories right now; I’m getting a big enough headache as it is.
Tucker: *looks out window* You’re about to get one more, dude. Look who’s here.

Danny turned around to face two of some of his least favorite people: Operatives K and O of the Guys in White, both bald, stoic, and never apart as if they were attached to the hips.

Danny: Oh, lord.
Agent K: Ahh, good, our carefully monitored sources said you were here, Danny Phantom.
Danny: What sources?
Agent O: Average citizens who saw you waltz in here.
Danny: I see, so what do you want?
Agent K: Well, if you can give us a moment of your time--
Danny: Now? I’m kind of busy.
Agent O: This is important official government business.
Sam: You better go, we'll meet another time. This might be important, even if it is the government.
Tucker: Yeah, don’t wanna piss off the government, right? They probably have files going back as far as the time you accidentally peeked under that girl’s dress in 2nd grade.
Danny: TUCKER.
Agent K: No, we don’t have that info…*jots it down*...until now. Shall we go?

Danny reluctantly got up and left, but not before he glared at Tucker while Sam gave him a good-bye kiss. Turning Phantom just to keep a more professional air (he considered that form more appropriate for issues such as these), Danny was lured by the two agents to a lone hotel room. Inside were more Guys in White, surrounding him like vultures, never giving Danny any reason to lower his guard lest they ambush him. In the middle was a small, but highly sophisticated laptop, the screen uploading of all people--the president of the United States.

Danny: Umm…okay. What the heck is going on?
President: Gentlemen, it’s your floor.
Agent K: Well, with recent events of human interest over on the Ghost Zone--one I’m sure you’ve heard of--there’s been a change in the Guys in White department. As if today, we are no longer defenders against Ectoplasmic kinds, we are associated with them.
Danny: Meaning you’re not going to blast any ghosts you see.
Agent O: Not the good ones.
President: Both humans and ghosts are interested in a possible alliance with one another and we wish to make it out as smoothly as possible without the outcomes of a potential war. We are currently speaking with other nations of Earth to establish governmental forces such as the Guys in White to handle any ghostly matters, both good and bad.
Danny: So where do I play a part in all this?
President: Surely, being part ghost and human will help establish tighter bonds between humans and ghosts. We have something to give back to you in favor of your political services should the need ever arise.
Danny: And that is?
President: A chance for you to catch a break, so to speak. You’ve spent an entire summer chasing after rogue ghosts and must be tired. We recognize you're still human. The Guys in White offer to handle such extreme cases, only calling you when it involves a dire situation only you can solve.
Danny: So in exchange for me to help out this human/ghost debacle, the Guys in White will help out with any outside ghost problems I can’t reach because of my own reasons?
President: To put a long story short, yes. So, do we have a deal?
Danny: How will you even contact me?
Agent O: We ARE the government.
Danny: *to president*………….I don’t know, the Guys in White and I have a history of not being good buddy buddies.
Agent K: We’re not exactly thrilled either, Phantom.
President: Please, it would do so well in the long run, surely you can agree?

Danny pondered a good deal. Although he’s had his share of decisions that affected the outcome of the entire planet, it was an added pressure to his already frustrating life that he didn’t need. Ghosts and humans from what Tucker and Sam stated seem to already be in mixed grounds with one another and he cannot ignore how much their kind had terrorized his home, yet he could not phase off all the good ones he encountered during his life as a half ghost. He wasn’t exactly a politician, so he had little clue on the possible outcomes of such a deal, though even he knew a simple “yes” would not cater immediate human/ghost alliance. But surely if such an event could occur, who was he to deny a rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? For all the bad it could come out of it, so would the good. With a concerning heart, Danny put on a brave face:

Danny:…Fine then, it’s a deal.


Danny staggered his way home where Jazz awaited inside the kitchen; nose obviously borrowed in a book until he waltzed in for a drink, small notebook in hand containing the complete details of his new super suit.

Jazz: About time you got home, I need to talk with you.
Danny: *exhausted* Well, I’m free now.
Jazz: I know you’re tired, but this is important and I don’t have a lot of time.
Danny: *wryly* You’re not dying, are you?
Jazz: Funny. Listen, I’m going to be off for college the next day and--
Danny: The NEXT day? Just like that?
Jazz: Yes, you’re arrival was cutting it a bit close, but it can’t be helped. Any who, with that said, what I want to say comes from my heart, so--
Danny: *cell phone rings* Oh, hang on. Hello?
Tucker: *receiving end* Yo, man, you need to get your butt down here pronto, ghost problems down at City Hall.
Danny: Right, roger that.
Tucker: Dude, don’t say that.
Danny: Sorry, Jazz. Gotta go. *runs*

Dashing his way to City Hall reunited Danny with someone he at one point stated he sort of missed during his world trip: Skulker, world’s greatest ghost hunter, currently deep in destroying Tucker’s City Hall. Neither Sam nor Tucker were equipped enough to handle an upgraded Skulker, both off in a safe distance. Nostalgic, Danny stepped up to Skulker, still in human form.

Danny: You know, the best way to get the mayor’s attention is to send a petition or a complaint letter if you have some issues with ‘em.
Skulker: I was merely attacking the major headquarters of one of your companions in the hopes to lure you. *grin* We meet again, Danny Phantom.
Danny: The feeling’s mutual. I guess it’s the same ol’ same ‘ol, ey?
Skulker: Yep. *sends a missile*
Danny: *dodges* With all the recent changes going on, it’s nice to see some familiarity, though I don’t mind a few changes here and there. This for example…

With dramatic effort, Danny spread his legs and stuck his arms to his side in true heroic fashion as two rings of white spread throughout his body, transforming Fenton into Phantom: donned in his new outfit, a general standard appearance to his old one, but with blue added to his color of black and white in small doses, small armor, a utility belt--the obvious Fenton Thermos strapped on back, and for flying (and mostly fashionable purposes), goggles adoring his head. Immediately he flew towards Skulker and gave him the ol’ one-two, then a swift kick.

Skulker: Not bad, seems like all that world traveling has done you some good. But then again, that gave me ample time to do better as well.

Skulker immediately showed off a variety of new weapons--obviously an upgrade--every single one of them aimed in different directions. Aside from random inanimate objects getting in their way, Danny had to rescue certain people still wandering around the streets nearby, mostly pedestrians whom wished to witness the battle and news reporters who covered every footage possible to benefit their ratings. However, even Danny could not dodge the numerous displays of ecto beams they all shot out from the ecto-bot. Smaller ones distracted Danny; a big one rendered him crashing to the ground, Skulker glaring over him with a gun aimed at his head.

Skulker: On second thought, you haven’t improved much.
Danny: Pssh, shouldn’t you be with your girlfriend or at least looking for a nice suit to wear for the UN, Mr. Ambassador?
Skulker: GRRR! *grabs Danny by his collar* DON’T CALL ME THAT! DON’T EVEN ASSOCIATE ME WITH IT!
Danny: Whoa, what’s your problem?
Skulker: Do you realize what you’ve DONE TO ME? Ever since that stupid asteroid incident, humans have been trying to claw their way into our world! Normally, I could care less, but a majority of the ghosts insist upon me acting as their representative to our world! I NEVER should have helped you in the first place!
Danny: What the hell’s the problem? So they look up to you, it’s frustrating, yes, but that’s usually a good thing.
Skulker: Foolish runt, all I desire is to hunt, not play a part in this little political game of yes and no! DO I LOOK LIKE THE TYPE TO CARRY A SUITCASE!?
Danny: *kicks him away, then ecto blasts him* Dude, relax. You’re not the only one suffering. Besides, that’s none of my concern. *flies over, grabs him, then smacks him to the ground.*
Skulker: Ugh…I didn’t ask for your concern, whelp! And my girlfriend and I broke up! *smacks Danny, then whips out a giant cannon and charges it*
Danny: Giant weapons don’t scare me! *ecto blasts it, but is left indestructible *
Skulker: It’s built to last, so say your prayers, ghost boy!
Danny: Umm…errr…*sees various pieces of rubble and picks one up* Good enough.

He chucked it inside the cannon, quickly jamming up the inside, causing the giant weapon to blow up on Skulker, his upgraded robotic body unable to handle such a powerful device. Skulker’s true form, a small ghost of only few inches in height laid helplessly on the ground, haven fallen off his robotic head. Taking out his Fenton Thermos, Danny sucked him up.

Danny: If it’ll help, you can take a breather in here.
Tucker: *running up to him with Sam* Alright, you have not lost that touch, dude!

Sunset signaled Danny to return home. After a thanks from Tucker and another kiss from Sam, Danny flew to his street block and turned human. He walked the rest of the way to save strength, exhausted. He spotted Jazz sitting on the steps of their home, her face a tad bit irritated and seemingly depressed.

Danny: Sorry.
Jazz: That’s all right, you’re a busy guy, and we’ve all accepted that.
Danny: Well, I have time now.
Jazz: You sure?
Danny: Jazz, just tell me before something else happens. There’s already too much new stuff going on, it’s making my head spin.
Jazz: *stands up* Walk with me.
Danny: Being dramatic, are we?

Jazz:…I’m leaving tomorrow.
Danny: That part I know. I’m sorry for cutting it so close, I didn’t know--
Jazz: Forget it, Danny; I’m not mad at you. Like I said, it couldn’t be helped. The point is I’m going away to college and I won’t be coming back except for winter and spring vacation and that only last a couple of weeks at best. I won’t return till summer time, so it’s going to be nearly a year before we even see our faces again.
Danny: So? That’s what colleges normally are built for, you move on.
Jazz: I spent two years protecting and covering up your ghost powers and your entire life protecting you from any harm that came you’re way, because I thought you were helpless.
Danny: Obvious understatement there.
Jazz: Oh, be serious.
Danny: Look, Jazz, if you’re worried you won’t be able to help me or our family or whatever like you did before, you don’t have to. I’ll take care of everything.
Jazz: That’s not it--well, it is, but the opposite. Danny, I know you can take of everything. That’s what I want to tell you before I leave tomorrow. You’ve matured a lot over the years into who you are today; confident, loyal, reliable, and caring. I’m so proud of you. I know for certain you can handle anything that comes your way, including dad. You’ve grown up and I can safely and officially say I can trust you to take on any given situations without my aid.

She quickly gave him a hug, if not to hide her tears, though Danny felt her trembling and heard her sniffing.

Jazz:…I guess you won’t need me around.
Danny: That’s not true, stop acting like you’re suddenly useless. Not ever. Look, I may not cling onto anyone’s fetus for comfort like I used to, but I’m never going to leave you hanging. We’ll e-mail or have phone calls or whatever so I can let you in on what’s happening.
Jazz:…I know.
Danny: We’ll always need you, Jazz.
Jazz: So much has changed, especially you Danny. *hugs again* but don’t you try to change so quickly while I’m away, you hear?
Danny: *smiling softly* I’ll try.


By morning, Jazz gave each of her family a hug before hopping inside her vehicle and departing off for her own change. Maddie let off a small sob with Jack comforting her while Danny merely waved, trying to look as happy as he could, though he’s wave was soft and unenthusiastic. He was going to miss her. Tucker and Sam gave off as much comfort as possible, though the former soon got paged. He was needed in his office. Then mere seconds in, a giant crash occurred from nearby.

Danny: That’s my cue. Sorry I have to split again so soon.
Sam: I’ve gotten use to it the number of times Tucker had to be called back for work, but try to be back in time for the movies.
Danny: I’ll try.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Danny flew off and countered the ghost: a giant blob with many tentacles, the same one whom he encountered after his time traveling experienced with his future evil self about a year and half back.

Danny: Hi-ho, silver.

“I’ve saved the world more times then I could count, but it never ends. It won’t end. I am 16 now. I started this two years ago and I’m pretty sure I’ll keep going at it for the rest of my life…maybe even afterlife. Should the latter never occur for some reason, I can only pray my legacy lasts enough for others to be inspire to keep this world from inflicting even more chaos then is necessary. The return home showered me with different outcomes when all I really hoped for would be the same like it once was two years ago, but everything is changing and I feel like I’m still slowly catching up. It overwhelms me. I just want to be that innocent little kid who hops into puddles and gets amused by it without any worries of the world, but you know…I don’t feel any different. I guess the old saying goes: it’s back to business…”
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