Jun. 13th, 2007 05:17 pm
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I'm gonna turn 21 in just two days. June 15, the big 2-1 when I can finally be declared an official adult. To drink and gamble as freely as the law requires me to. But knowing me, I'll cry about how old I'm getting, move on, and just wait till I turn 22 where I'll rinse and repeat.

It's just...weird that my mom is ragging on me to get a boyfriend. It's not a bad thing, she rarely does it, but it's a weird feeling. I was raised for the first nine years of my life with typical, cliche strict "Get Straight A's in school" Asian parents, but they mellowed out in time, yet their opinion on my romance life was the same: don't date. Hell, my father took a loooooooong time to decide if I was allowed to go to my prom with my best friend, Chris, even though I told him multiple times we're FRIENDS, not a couple. Mom would nod and agree (I know they're just being protective), but dang, it just feels weird for her to say that. Of course I'm still in no rush, though I wonder if I'm just saying that because I've never been in a relationship...ever.

What I am nervous on is a job interview with Target come tomorrow morning. GAWD, butterflies in my stomach! I have AC Moore and Toys R' Us as my fallback should I not get the Target job, but damn, I need a job desperately and I'm scared shit. Wish me luck, guys.
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