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I feel very irritated somehow; maybe it’s the brief upset I had a few days ago, maybe it’s cuz’ I’m turning 21 in just about a week and a half time, but I feel “eh”. Not bad “eh”, in fact, content enough to take out my blah-ness by making a list of characters whom I dislike and/or have a heated vengeance of hatred for. Creative way to release it, no? Just to prevent myself from getting an aneurysm as I write this, I will also be writing my favorite character next to each person I dislike from the same franchise to balance it out.

Naturally, these are all my humble opinions, so you can either take it or ignore because I honestly don't care if I'm being blunt, so whether or not I should feel sorry for these characters because they suffered a bad history or whatever, I don't care--their characters bothered me in somewhere, somehow Now the list in no particular order:

*1. Franchise: FFX*
Appearance: Final Fantasy X/X-2/Kingdom Hearts
Why: Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine. That’s all he ever does. James Arnold Taylor had to fit this Meg Ryan look-alike with a hideously painful, ear-piercing grating voice. When people like me asked for optimistic characters as opposed to the Clouds and the Squalls, I didn’t want THIS. I wanted a Zidane: optimistic and hopeful yet also confident and sleek (with great charisma, I might also add): not whiny, annoying, and clueless. Sorry, Tidus, I didn’t care that you “passed on” by the end. Good riddance. Oh, and please, lederhosen? Although, in this case, I won’t blame bad tastes in clothes completely on you as I still think about 98% of the entire FFX/X-2 cast had seriously questionably taste in clothing, it’s like a rainbow puked them out.
Runner-Up: Seymour (I don’t like him either), if not for the fact that he’s just as annoying

Name: Auron
Why: He was--is--quite frankly and arguably one of the coolest, if not the coolest character in FFX: Calm, sleek, knowledgeable with an edge of stoicism that never bothers me due to the suave personality this man gets by. He was all the right kinds of badass without feeling the need to shove it at us, he just did it. Naturally, I was pretty obsessed with the guy and felt completely shocked when I found out he was an undead, then stunned when he finally departed for the Farplane (that’s FFX’s Afterlife for you non-FF folks out there) at the end. Naturally, I was saddened. Rest in peace, Auron, you lived cool, you died cool.
Runner-Up: None. I don’t really have any favorite in this game other then Auron

*2. Sonic the Hedgehog (Video Game)
Appearance: Sonic Adventure 2/Sonic Heroes/Sonic Riders/Sonic Rush/his own video game/Sonic Crash n’ Dash/Sonic Shopping Spree/Sonic Sonic Revolution/Sonic Killing Spree
Why: Oh, Shadow, there was a time where I tolerated you. Your very first appearance had you in a compelling (compelling enough what with the bad acting and flimsy story telling) tale of your struggle to fulfill your goal as the “Ultimate Lifeform” while dreaming about your crush/loved one/guidance/wannabeattahedtothehips, Maria. It was heartwarming enough that I got a nod in satisfaction when you sacrificed yourself to save others. That made a fitting end for you as you passed on with dignity.

Then the suits at Sega had other ideas and cheaply brought you back from the dead (and you all know how I feel about cheap deaths), this time with--GASP--amnesia! What a plot twist! So what we get is Shadow angsting around wondering who the living shit he is despite us, the audience having already known. But no, they decided to add more by using…ALIENS. Yep, apparently there was more to Gerald’s story on his construction of Shadow then what SA2 let on, adding a new story element that I don’t even think is needed. They could have left you to die with whatever grace you had left, but they just kept sucking you dry. Don’t tell me Shadow the Hedgehog was nothing more then a cheap attempt to “mature” up the franchise because it was. Sorry, Shadow, but your constant “darkness” and rivalry to Sonic (which I still think Knuckles does a much better job of doing) just overkilled me. I suppose I have to feel some pity for you, Sega just wouldn’t leave you the blatantly hell alone.
Runner-Up: None

Name: Big the Cat
Why: Poor, poor Big. Nobody likes him. Everyone thought he was too slow and too stupid. Slow, yes, there are times when he can’t grasp something at the right moment, but stupid? Hardly. He lives a pleasant, near paradise existence. He doesn’t want to harm anyone unless he has to, all he wants is to relax and fish--his idea of Heaven. Heck, we all want a world lacking worries and responsibilities, Big usually provides me with that, yet he’s always kind and loyal--being there for his buddies when needed. Yep, he’s a reliable son of a gun with a hakuna matata philosophy.
Runner-Up: Knuckles (Always awesome)

*3. Franchise: Pokemon (Anime)
Satoshi or Ash Ketchum
Appearance: Pokemon anime, although I believe he was based off of the character Red in the video games and manga
Why: Seeing Ash struggle to become a Pokemon master was a thrill to watch…in the early days of Kanto and Orange Islands; and that’s because it wasn’t just Ash that got a personality, but the friends he travels with. The characters of Misty, Brock, and Tracey (I don’t care for the rest since I stopped watching sometime around the Johto region--I did catch a bit of the Advanced series though) each had their own personalities and dogma, making up for the cocky idiot that is Ash. Shame though that Ash ends up literally taking over the entire show with his buddies shoved into the backgrounds mostly playing one-dimensional cheerleaders to him as he battles for 20+ episodes before he gets to the effin’ gym and gets he’s immortalized Mary Sue/Gary Sue/whatever gender sue Pikachu to BBQ everybody.
Runner-Up: None.

Name: Kenji/Tracey Sketchit
Why: Smart, good looking, creative, reliable, must I go on? Granted, Brock filled the role just as much (sans the good looking part), but Tracey edges it with a more mature personality and the artistic side he has, so I was all, “ZOMG! I can relate!” back when I spread retard everywhere whenever he popped up on screen.
Runner-Up: None.

*4. Franchise: FF7*
Cloud Strife
Appearance: Final Fantasy 7/Advent Children/Crisis Core/FF7 and the Mountain of Cash
Why: How can a guy with the world’s most distorted personality get so many fans? He waltzes around his home planet with his buddies literally carrying Zack’s personality for nearly 2/3 of the entire game; by the time he gets his own, it’s too little, too late as I couldn’t exactly figure out what the hell he was suppose to possess. He seemed confident and willing to save the planet with optimism and that seemed admirable, but then the producers decided to angst him up by the movie sequel. There were official written stories that details why he acted that way beforehand, but I’m not convinced and I don't care. You are NOT all that and a bag of chips, Mr. Spiky Hair.
Runner-Up: Eh, I don't really have one actually

Name: Rufus Shinra
Why: One word: Badass. Out of everyone in FF7, Rufus Shinra became my favorite in due time, if not because he’s so badass and hot. Hot and badass. Good, evil, in-between, it doesn’t matter what alligence he swore to, it never took away the fact that he’s a survivor. He doesn’t have Cloud or Sephy’s muscle powers, but he’s deviously clever. How else could he have masterfully taken over an entire company at such a young age (I recently heard from official sources he was 21 in FF7, correct me if I’m wrong), gained the loyalty of his Turks, and survived attacks from a friggin’ WEAPON and his laser beams of death, yet still manage to get back up and work his ass off to rejuvnate his company and help those in need by the end? BAD. ASS.
Runner-Up: None, I didn’t care for the rest, although I suppose Cait Sith is second. I kinda like him.

*5. Franchise: Danny Phantom
Danielle Phantom
Appearance: Danny Phantom
Why: It is so ironically that “Kindred Spirits” had to play host to a number of crappy developments: Danny being a jerk when I swear the writers just made him act that way just to work Tucker and Sam in considering his act of maturity here, not to mention the completely unneeded Tucker/Sam subplot, and of course, Danielle. If it were not for the fact that Vlad was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good in this episode that made me love it SOOO much despite the hideous flaws, “KS” would have scored so much lower because out of all those flaws I listed, Danielle is the worst offending.

Barely lacking in personality, the little munchkin does nothing but get her ass rescued by Danny from whatever contraption she falls into. I figured she’s inexperienced and naïve, but without any emphasizing on what her character was suppose to be and the only personality she mastered being an annoying snotball, I cared so little. Just what did she do to merit/contribute anything to the series in whole? It’s even worse when we see she’s Danny’s clone and thus contains half ghost powers as well, making for a useless third wheel to the otherwise perfect duo Danny and Vlad mastered. Both of their uniqueness also dropped down the toilet because this half ghost kid helplessly shoved her way into the show and worst off--DIDN’T DIE. There was absolutely no advantage taken on her character, no explanation on what she’s been doing between her first and next appearance, we just have to gravely assume.

So we got annoying behavior, uselessness, and unneeded survival--that’s a hat trick. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Danielle, I wished you had melted.
Runner-Up: Nobody, but then again, Season Three had a crapload of one-dimensional characters that didn't entertain me at the most, although in most cases, I just didn't care

Name: Vlad Masters/Plasmius
Why: I’m not explaining this one, you all should know by now why I consider him a sex bomb.
Runner-Up: I have quite a bit actually, Danny and Jazz for her growth, Skulker for his cute face and major awesomeness, etc.

*6. Franchise: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends
Appearance: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends
Why: Self-centered, rude, egotistical, they all fit Bloo’s quality of deviousness. Getting himself and others around him into trouble, how a sweet kid like Mac concocted him will forever have me scratching my head. I assume he, more or less, is Mac’s bad conscience as he creates enough disaster for me to fully declare what an asshole he is. He’s lucky I don’t 100% hate him as he does get what he deserves frequently (I don’t care if I’m being blunt, him getting coals on Christmas had me laughing), but he’s still a jerkass because he never learns.
Runner-Up: No one

Name: Mac
Why: And on the complete opposite, we get Bloo’s creator, Mac. A sweet 8-year-old boy who acts like an 8-year-old boy, but has enough moral to make sure others and especially Bloo is kept in line before they end up dead or something. Too bad that damn blue blob can’t be sedated anymore by his master then others. Mac however is a shining light: mature, kind, and striving to do the right thing. It’s extra special for me since I always enjoy it when little boys are given these types of roles because the media seems to enjoy making them into little immature asshats that burns my soul. Mac, you’re a rare keeper.
Runner-Up: Frankie (Caring, yet no-nonsense when she wants to be, plus has a nice, casual design I like) and Cheese (because he's SO weird which makes him awesome)

*7. Franchise: Digimon Tamers
Appearance: Digimon Tamers/number of video games and other merchandise that never left Japan
Why: I think the reason Ryo appeared as a main Tamer was fan request in Japan who seem to worship the ground he walked in (what I heard anyways). What we got was a living, breathing Gary Stu. I don’t really know if his video game or whatever counterpart connects with his TV counterpart or is merely a separate person due to, again, fan request, so I have no clue what his personality is in there, but I can’t watch this perfectly wonderful season (my fave Digimon season) without cringing every time he pops up on screen.

He makes his grand entrance in the middle of the season, disappears a couple of episodes later, then returns AGAIN by the near end where he goes all Deus Ex Machina on seemingly any baddies he kicks ass on with absolutely no character flaws or traits. He’s known as the Digimon King and can do ANYTHING. *rolls eyes* What makes it even more grating is how an awesome chick like Rika had to have a crush on this bag of perfect. Ugh.
Runner-Up: No one

Name: Ruki or Rika
Why: I was about 14 when Tamers aired and coming from a time where I was still tomboyish, Rika immediately spoke to me. She was a tough as nails chick, something the previous girls in the Digimon series never even came close to. I never related to any of the girls there, but I related to Rika that instance, a tomboy chick with an indifferent attitude and fighting demeanor. Rika however did more then just stay one-dimensional, she grew up to care for her Digimon, she cared for her friends and her family in a perfect bland of feminine/soft side while keeping her aggressive personality. By the time she played center role in a Digimon Tamers movie: Runaway Locomon, I felt for her when she sang over her divorced father whom she gravely misses. Suffice to say, that movie plays a lot of inspiration for Chess Piece Danny and his mother.
Runner-Up: Takato (another case of a mature young boy, he’s also adorable whenever he’s shy, he also draws, too)

*8. Franchise: Jackie Chan Adventures
Appearance: Jackie Chan Adventures
Why: For the first two seasons, I easily tolerated Jade’s attitude: a tomboyish young girl who is under her uncle Jackie’s tutorial to gain discipline while serving him on his quest to find the talismans/panku boxes/masks/Wonka’s golden tickets from the forces of evil--whether Jackie wanted it or not. Problem was, this personality lasted for THREE. MORE. SEASONS and it got gratingly annoying that she became Scrappy Doo. I’m surprised she hasn’t riled up her fists and told the baddies to “put up their dukes”. She never seems to learn her lesson, she always got in trouble, and gave Jackie more of a headache then he needed. Jade, do yourself a favor, when no means no, NO MEANS NO.
Runner-Up: That kid in Jade's class who never believes a word of what she says until the middle of Season 3. He's also equally a jerk and he's suppose to be Jade's FRIEND?! Oh, and Dragon, the whiny teenage son to Shendu

Name: (Tie) Future Jade/Valmont
Why (Future Jade): I had lost hope for Jade by the end of Season 3 and the rest were tiring. In fact, the show itself was painful to watch by this point. Season 4 (and Season 5) alone had absolutely NO episodes I could either like or care for, except one: “J2”. If there ever was any hope for Jade, then this is it, a very wonderful episode where Jade meets her future counterpart, head of Section 13. More then not, this is what Jade should have been growing into for the past five seasons: capable, mature, well adapted, levelheaded and NOT the hyperactive little nuisance she was. It's almost hard to believe Jade will grow up to be this young woman and that's the only flaw to that particular episode, but considering what a relief it is as well to see a different shade of Jade (a much better one), I can forgive. It is such a damn shame her second future appearance absolutely downgrades her, for shame. Future Jade, you are a-okay though.

Why (Valmont): Sleek white hair, well dressed, and always clever and serious to do whatever he can to gain the talismans/panku boxes/masks/ring decoders off of cereal boxes is the utterly brilliant Vlad--I mean, Valmont. Sounds pretty close to the older half ghost though, no? I suppose you could say he was my “first Vlad” as Valmont shares many qualities with that man. And come on, he’s BRITISH. That is hot. But again, like Vlad, they had to degrade him to secondary villain and come Season Five, all he did was make one voiceless cameo. Poor waste of his character, especially since the main baddie Drago is a complete shadow of his more awesomer father.
Runner-Up: Uncle (Guy makes me laugh)

*9. Gilmore Girls
Appearance: Gilmore Girls
Why: I effin’ hate Logan. I hate what he did to Rory; I hate what he did to the show. Partying, lacking any sense of responsibilities (especially considering he’s the son of a well-to-do business), and turning Rory from a capable, well-adjusted, likable young lady into almost incriminating fell-apart OOC Rory. Even when Logan tries to prove he can get past his immaturity, he always failed. This is especially so by the very end when Rory refused to marry him because she wanted to take advantage of her newly graduated college life, but yet is perfectly willing to work on their relationship, Logan breaks up with her and leaves with little effort in trying to win her back. Good riddance though. I hate you Logan and I hate what you did to this show.
Runner-Up: *shrugs* I suppose Early season Paris, she was a total bitch, as well as early season Jess who was another case of angst bucket, both of them having changed for the better

Name: Ummm…
Why: Honestly, GG had a cast of eccentric, unique characters it’s pretty hard to decide whom I like more then the other.

*10. Xiaolin Showdown
(Tie): Chase Young/Katnappe
Appearance: Xiaolin Showdown
Why (Chase Young): I have to confess for I just recently realized it: the more and more I think or watch Xiaolin Showdown, the more and more I seem to dislike Chase...which I think is crazy. I mean, he’s clever, suave, got all the right moves, and is to be taken seriously--okay not so much the suave, sorry, he’s still too girly looking for me to find attractive--yet I feel so irritated by the mere thought of this man. Out of everyone in the list, I don’t dislike Chase as much as the others, but it’s there because like Logan, I really believe the reason he puts a coal in my stocking is that he just killed Xiaolin Showdown for me.

XS’ first season was as perfect as it could get with a host of lovable main characters who each managed to gain their spotlight while hunting for the gazillion Shen Gong Wu scattered all over the planet. Omi was experienced, but naïve to the outside world, Clay was gentle, but chivalrous, Kimiko was temperamental, but able to hold her own against the boys, hell, even the Mushu-like Dojo proved useful when showcased, and Rai…well, Rai's an ass, but well-meaning. What really made the show was Jack Spicer whom I’ll further emphasize later. The point is, the formula worked, the story was engaging and the characters were a joy to see; I was hooked and I had great hopes for Season 2.

What I got was a completely Omi-centric story between him and Chase as the two bounced off the concept of good and evil like an insane game of Tennis without much character depths from either side--at least from Omi’s side. Then again, maybe I felt that way since by the time the show ended, I couldn’t care for ANY of the characters. Season 2 just killed it by focusing too much on Omi and Chase for it to take time to develop the others; even worse, they reduced Jack Spider from incompetent, yet threatening villain to just plain incompetent, and the series only went down from there. Any spotlight given to someone other then Chase and Omi were too little, too late. Chase also just seemed to be another case of being perfect in nearly every way. He fights well, he's completely capable to the point where any wrong he does he takes with a hearty response--because heaven forbid they should show him in any sort of negative light outside of villainy--with his only "human" quality I'm suppose to gobble up is the random, but occasional attempts at producing some backstory for him--namely HIS struggle with darkness, a case which seems to blatantly shout, "Hey, look, we forcefully made Chase DEEPER while completely ignoring everyone else's stories!" in such a manner I can't even grasp.

It’s just gotten to the point where I couldn’t watch Season Two AND Three (I had to make do with what I could during the last one) because I stopped caring and I honestly think Chase just pushed that domino to topple a neverending pile of good ideas for a chain reaction of bad ones. I think it’s safe to say I really HATED how Xiaolin Showdown became, so maybe my reasons for the Chase dislike isn't so crazy after all.

Why (Others): Katnappe is a selfish jerk that I am GLAD the producers never attempted a Jack/Katnappe. SO GLAD.
Runner-Up: Rai, he never seens to learn, but he does...slightly grow...slightly...

Name: Jack Spicer (Season One)
Why: Jack was all the right kinds of appeal: a combination of a villain that was to be taken serious enough, yet lighthearted enough to pit off any goofy maneuvers he made that ended up being his charm and personality--one that ultimately made him my favorite character. It is this kind of example of characterizations that made me decide Season One was the best of the best. He (along with many characters) was completely flanderized in the end though with Jack taking possibly the worst offense ever: turning him into a pathetic, literal punching bag.

Everything he does garners some sort of incompetence on his part because the writers must’ve felt the need to make him a victim more then I think is necessary by making him so pathetic that he’s nothing but a doormat that needs to be discarded. Considering all the story potentials for Jack to struggle with on his bouts of good or bad, they never got around to it and he became completely worthless even to me. Season One Jack, which ends (well technically the second episode of Season 2) with him offering ice cream to the Xiaolin Monks when they aren’t after Shen Gong Wu served as a fitting conclusion to his character. I think I’m gonna just do me a favor and deny Season 2 and 3 ever existed.
Runner-Up: Nobody, I stopped caring for everybody else.
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