Jun. 21st, 2007

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Thus the start of my DP Season 4-ness, written in some sorta fanfic/script-ish format. I am not an expert writer, so expect some bad grammar or misspelled typos (although for the latter, I can only hope I manage to get rid of them all). Posting this all on my lj because I don't wanna crowd my DA. Next update is...whenever I feel like it. God only knows if I'll even finish this considering my already other hefty Chess Piece project.

Behind the Scenes:
Included in this section is behind-the-scenes info, too on said stories, though I fully recommend reading it AFTER you read the fanfic.

1. In order to understand the current timeline of my Season 4, I direct you to my theorized DP timeline here. That's the timeline I'm following.

2. I didn't like the idea of making a new ghost, especially one who makes such a short appearance, but I needed an excuse to talk about God complexes that plays a bigger role later on in the story. Don't expect much new ghosts if any--I have stories for the old ones and any newer is just not needed.

3. Price is also CP Danny's nickname. I just decided to extend it over here just for fun.

4. Originally, Tucker had finalized the wrist communicator. Danny would have worn it and used it as an act of plot point by jamming Skulker's cannon with it by end, but I decided against it. I doubt we'll be seeing much of Tucker's inventions that'll benefit Danny since the Fenton parents already got that covered.

5. Harold Duke is the name I gave to the Axion Boss (only seen in "Shades of Gray"). Like aways, I chose the name after researching the meaning behind it because I like to do that. In this case, the first name generally means "leader of the army" and such. The last name just means "leader".

6. I think the main two guys in GiW is Operative K and O, last I checked, though I admit to say I don't know which is which, not that it matters since their personalities are basically the same.

7. I had at least a couple more black and white pictures I wanted to do for this fanfic, but I have no time, so only a title card is used which generally represents the entire series and not just this "episode" in whole.

EDiT: A lot of you have noticed Danny's personality and how he's either too confident and hollow as you guys deemed him. This is good that you think this way. Why? Because Danny's personality and growth is VERY important throughout Season 4. Keep this episode in mind because by series end, you will never know he was the same kid from the beginning of Season 4...let along the first season...

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